Free Resource: How Should We Respond? An Exhortation to the Church on Loving the Homosexual

Taking a position on the issue of homosexuality guarantees tension and controversy. Controversy is never pleasant and always uncomfortable. Yet it has never been avoidable when Christians face the crises of their time.

As Christians, many of you are willing to respond. But the real question is "How will we respond?" The answer to that lies in seeing that the challenge before us transcends the challenge to stand against ungodliness. The eminent challenge is being Christ-like in an ungodly world. John, in his gospel, spoke of Jesus in this way as being "full of grace and truth." These two phenomenal qualities of Christ's life may appear contradictory but are really at their best when they coexist. On the one hand, He was full of grace – full of love, mercy, gentleness and compassion.  And on the other, He never compromised the truth.

This resource outlines steps for Christians to build relationships with lesbian-, gay-, and bisexual-identified men and women by first asking God to forgive our own sins, then reaching out in love. It's a must-read for pastors, Bible study leaders and any Christian who desires to emulate God's heart for homosexual-identified men and women.

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