Communication with Your Spouse Video Series

You Can Improve the Communication in Your Marriage

Start this free video series to become a more effective and loving communicator

Communication is an essential skill in every marriage. But when communication breaks down, so does the relationship.

This is why you must invest in improving your communication with your spouse. And improving this skill requires both time and attention. To help you with this, we’ve put together a free 3-part video series that addresses different aspects of communication. You will walk away with practical tips to get you started on a journey toward becoming a more effective communicator and experiencing marriage according to God’s design.

Greg and Erin Smalley

Focus on the Family’s marriage experts, Greg and Erin Smalley, will walk you through these topics in each episode:

  1. Connecting Through Communication
  2. Diving Deeper in Your Communication
  3. Create a Safe Environment

After each episode there will be discussion questions you can use with your spouse as well as additional resources and content to explore.

We hope you are encouraged through this series and grow closer to your spouse.

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