Fanning the Flame From Afar

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Eight practical tips for keeping close to your spouse despite the fact you are miles apart

A kiss. A reassuring touch. A look. Expressing love to your spouse is easy when you’re both under the same roof. Doing so when you’re miles apart can be tricky. How can you effectively share your heart with the spouse you’re temporarily separated from?

Ideas for the Spouse at Home

  1. Send a care package. When planning the package, consider your spouse’s needs, goals and favorite indulgences.
  2. Pen an old-fashioned love letter. Write it solely for the purpose of conveying your love. That means leaving out details of today’s board meeting, what you ate for lunch and your lengthy to-do list.
  3. Bake a cake — for later. Does your spouse have a favorite treat, such as a cake, that’s impossible to send in a care package? Bake it and take a picture of it. Send the picture along with a note letting him know that the cake will be waiting in the freezer when he gets home.
  4. Speak well of your spouse to mutual contacts. Ask your friend to pass along a compliment, or relay the fact that you miss him. It’s always encouraging to hear that your spouse speaks positively of you to others.

Ideas for the Spouse Away

  1. Have a pizza or takeout delivered to your spouse. Some grocery stores’ Web sites also allow you to have items delivered to a residence for a small fee. Save her a weekend trip to the store by ordering essential items and having them delivered to her.
  2. Call your spouse when you know she’ll be unavailable and leave a sweet voicemail. She’ll be able to play it over and over when she misses you.
  3. Clean. Before you leave, pay a neighborhood kid or member of your church’s youth group to do a bit of cleaning or babysitting for her on weekends. This will provide your spouse with some much-needed relaxation.
  4. Write. A note of appreciation, no matter how short, will do wonders to lift your spouse’s spirits.

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