Faith Conversation: Love Endures

Couple in kitchen, facing each other and touching foreheads

Discuss this verse as a couple. Focus your conversation on the following questions.

"Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things." — 1 Corinthians 13:7.

  • What trials in your life have been the most difficult for you to bear?
  • How does believing "all things" give us the opportunity to see each other in the best possible light?
  • How can we embrace a more positive, hopeful outlook together?

When trials come, remaining hopeful is often difficult. Outspoken Christian John Adams, the second U.S. president, and his first lady, Abigail, endured more than most American couples. Death, disease, poverty, separation and political ostracism followed them throughout their 54-year marriage. Upon Abigail's death in 1818, her son John Quincy Adams wrote that she was:

the delight of myfather's heart, the sweetener of all his toils, the comforter of all his sorrows.  … [My father] told me, with … gratitude to the Giver of every good and every perfect gift, that … the affectionate participation and cheering encouragement of his wife had been his never-failing support.

As you go through each day, consider what type of love legacy you will leave behind. You can invest in your spouse's welfare through your unwavering love, helping your spouse endure tough times with your "cheering encouragement" and "never-failing support."

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