Faith Conversations: Honoring Marriage

Husband with his arm around his wife, kissing her forehead

"Let marriage be held in honor among all." Hebrews 13:4

  • How do people in our extended family and circle of friends talk about marriage? Do they honor it or minimize its importance?
  • How might the attitudes of others affect our view of marriage? How might they affect our marriage?
  • What are some ways we can positively influence how our friends and family members view marriage?

The honor that our society has given to marriage for centuries is quickly eroding. Marriage is often dismissed in favor of cohabitation, and politicians attempt to redefine marriage to the point that it no longer has any real meaning. One couple can't reverse this cultural shift, but we can be aware of how others influence us, and we can determine to be a positive influence on others — our children, family, co-workers, neighbors and friends. How we talk about our spouse and our marriage matters. Let's consider that truth, especially when we are involved in a conversation in which spouses are being bashed or divorce is being suggested as a solution to a marital problem.

Marriage can have its twists and turns, but the detours don't have to lead you off course. The 12 essential elements outlined in the Crazy Little Thing Called Marriage are biblically based and chart the course for a romantic adventure that will last a lifetime.

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