Intimacy in Marriage Video Series

Intimacy in Marriage Video Series

“I just don’t feel connected to my spouse right now. It’s like we’re roommates!”

Have you ever heard that?

Your spouse is never home, you’re on opposite schedules, so focused on work, you’re tired, and you rarely talk. It’s easy to feel distant and disconnected. And it’s really hard to see where intimacy fits in the picture.

Focus on the Family wants to give you some real, practical help in this area of your relationship. So we’ve developed a four-part video series called “Intimacy in Marriage”, featuring marriage experts Dr. Greg and Erin Smalley.

  • Video 1 – “To Know and Be Known”
  • Video 2 – “Challenges in Intimacy”
  • Video 3 – “Make a Habit of Talking About Sex”
  • Video 4 – “Sexual Healing”

Each session is designed to encourage you an dgive you real-world ideas about making adjustments to your life so you can connect more deeply with your spouse. 

When you sign up, you’ll learn steps to make sex a more comfortable subject matter and become more aware of common challenges couples face.

In each installment, you can go further by downloading discussion questions, memorizing scripture verses together, and checking out additional resources.

Intimacy is a vital part of your marriage, and your marriage is worth investing in!

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