“I feel completely disconnected and alone. I love you and I’m committed to our marriage, but I feel like we’re nothing more than married roommates.”

Is this your marriage? Married roommates. Two people — sharing the same house … the same bed. But missing out on what matters most.

Dr. Greg and Erin Smalley know the feeling. After several years of helping others strengthen their marriages, the Smalleys realized that they had neglected their own advice. In this video series, Greg and Erin share how busyness, routine and exhaustion almost doomed their marriage. Erin’s stunning admission — “I love you … but I feel like we’re nothing more than married roommates” — started the couple on a journey to reconnect. Now, the Smalleys are sharing their experience to help you and your spouse move from roommates to soulmates.

What is Reconnected: The Digital Experience?

Reconnected: The Digital Experience is a 7-part video series designed to help couples discover the characteristics of roommate-like marriages and learn reconnection strategies such as pillow talk, uniting spiritually and dream-sharing to break out of boredom and establish deep, heartfelt communication.

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In Episode 1 of Reconnected: The Digital Experience Greg and Erin talk about how they moved from madly-in-love newlyweds to feeling like married roommates.

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Reconnected: The Digital Experience is perfect for couples, small groups, and adult Sunday School classes. Purchase includes a PDF study guide and access to the 7-part video series. 

Digital Video Session Titles:

  • Married Roommates
  • Bids for Connection
  • Life-Giving Communication
  • Close Pursuit
  • Closed Hearts
  • Our Wildest Dreams
  • Staying Connected