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Building Up Your Husband

Air date 11/17/2017

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Author Erin Smalley and Focus broadcast producer Eva Daniel describe how a wife can build up her husband and strengthen her marriage in a discussion based on Erin's book 10 Things a Husband Needs From His Wife: Everyday Ways to Show Him Love.

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    What Speaks Love to Your Man?

    Erin Smalley has learned that cherishing her husband starts by focusing on what she values about him and that nourishing their relationship involves putting love into action.

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    The Benefits of Losing Control in Your Marriage

    LeRoy and Kimberly Wagner have suggestions for husbands or wives who attempt to control their spouse. The cycle is fueled by three basic heart issues: pride, ingratitude and fear.

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    Honest Affirmation Can Make Your Marriage Great

    Amid the busyness of life, Erin Smalley incorporates simple affirmation into her marriage relationship and watches her husband thrive.

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    Counseling Services and Referrals

    Focus on the Family offers one-time complimentary consultation from a Christian perspective.

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