As a parent, you may struggle to let go of your young adult child as you're concerned about their future choices for a career and spouse, and their spiritual well-being. Pastor John Ortberg offers encouragement and advice for helping your teen discover God's direction for their life as they leave home.

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    Guiding Teens Into Adulthood in the Modern World

    Why is it so difficult raising adolescents nowadays? I understand that it's supposed to be a process of gradually letting go, granting them more independence, and setting them free to become the adults God wants them to be. But while I know all this in my head, there are days when I just can't put it into practice. Don't get me wrong. My teenagers are good kids who basically have their heads on straight. Even so, in situation after situation I find myself swooping in and seizing the reins despite my determination to adopt a more "hands off" approach. Is this normal? Why is it so hard to resist the temptation to take control?

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    Who's Calling?

    J. Budziszewski offers advice on finding God's will.

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    Finding God's Will for My Life

    John Thomas answers a reader's question about knowing God's will.

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    Counseling Services and Referrals

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