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Shining a Light on Depression

Air Date 03/07/2012

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Drs. Gary Lovejoy and Greg Knopf, co-authors of Light on the Fringe: Finding Hope in the Darkness of Depression, discuss the symptoms, factors and available treatments of depression.

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Gregory Knopf

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Dr. Gregory Knopf M.D. has over thirty years experience as a family practice physician. He received his doctorate from the Oregon Health and Science University School of Medicine in Portland and is currently a national speaker on the topics of depression and anxiety. Greg and his wife, Bonnie, have three adult children and reside in Oregon.


Gary Lovejoy

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Dr. Gary Lovejoy Ph.D is a former professor of psychology and religion with over thirty years of private counseling experience. He is also a seminar leader and recognized keynote speaker at conferences surrounding the topic of depression. In addition to a Doctorate in Psychology, Gary has an M.A. in Religious Education from Fuller Theological Seminary. He and his wife, Sue, reside in Oregon and have two adult children.