Brandon and Brittany Buell offer hope to expectant and new parents of disabled children as they share their moving story of raising their toddler son, Jaxon, who was born with part of his skull and most of his brain missing as a result of a rare medical condition.

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    Jaxon: The Boy Who Wasn’t Supposed to Live

    Despite an adverse diagnosis in pregnancy, Jaxon’s parents chose to give their son the gift of life. His story is helping to change hearts and minds around the world.

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    When Your Baby Won't Survive

    You've received a devastating diagnosis, and now you have to make a difficult decision.

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    Dealing With Loss and Grief in an Adverse Pregnancy

    Josh and Laura Huene share the heart-breaking story of the death of their baby daughter, Pearl, shortly after she was born, and offer hope and encouragement to other parents suffering a similar loss.


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