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Discovering Your Money Type, Part 2

Air Date 01/17/2019

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Communicating motivations and giving each other the benefit of the doubt can be the most effective way to avoid conflict, especially when it comes to money. Featuring Tommy Brown.

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    Quiz: What's Your Money Type?

    Tommy Brown

    Visit Tommy Brown's website to take a brief quiz that'll help you determine which of the seven biblical "money types" best describes you. (Note: Scroll down a bit on the homepage and find the quiz in the gray box on the left-hand side of the page.)

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    Marriage and Money

    Bethany and Scott Palmer

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Tommy Brown

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Tommy Brown is the author of the best-selling book The Seven Money Types: Discover How God Wired You to Handle Money. The wisdom he shares in this book was earned as he and his wife, Elizabeth, struggled to pay off a $32,000 debt after they graduated from bible college. They did so within a year and began teaching the principles they learned to others. This marked the beginning of Tommy's exploration of the seven money types he explores in his book. He is also an ordained minister and holds master's degrees in divinity and management. He and Elizabeth reside in North Carolina and have two children. Learn more about Tommy at his website,