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Navigating Tough Issues in Your Family, Part 2

Air Date 02/14/2019

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You kids are listening closer than you think! Danny and John talk about how to make sure you are setting the right example for you children with your words. Featuring Mike Bechtle.

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    Navigating Tough Issues in Your Family (Digital)

    Mike Bechtle

    Dr. Mike Bechtle offers insights on common barriers to communication within the family and how those obstacles can be removed in a discussion based on his book Dealing With the Elephant in the Room: Moving From Tough Conversations to Healthy Communication.

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Mike Bechtle

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Dr. Mike Bechtle is a writer, public speaker and senior consultant for FranklinCovey. He has authored five books including Dealing With the Elephant in the Room and I Wish He Had Come With Instructions. Dr. Bechtle has published articles for Writer's Digest, Entrepreneur and many other media outlets. Learn more about Dr. Bechtle by visiting his blog,