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The Focus Parenting Podcast provides moms and dads with helpful tips on how to be a better parent each day to help raise kids on the right path.

John Fuller

John Fuller

John Fuller is vice president of the Audio division and co-host of the daily "Focus on the Family" radio program. He speaks and writes about family, faith, media and business. John and his wife, Dena, reside in Colorado Springs, Colo., and have six children.

Danny Huerta, MSW, LCSW, LSSW

Danny Huerta, MSW, LCSW, LSSW

As vice president of the Parenting and Youth department Danny oversees Focus’ initiatives that equip parents to disciple and mentor the next generation, so that they can thrive in Christ. He is a bilingual, licensed clinical social worker. For many years, he has provided families with practical parenting advice. He specializes as a counselor and spokesperson in the treatment of ADHD, conflict resolution, self-esteem, anxiety, depression, trauma, communication, media discernment, the brain and healthy sexuality.

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    Raising Kids of Character, Part 6

    With Guest Todd Cartmell
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    Raising Kids of Character, Part 5

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    Understanding Your Teens Behavior, Part 9

    With Guest Jeramy and Jerusha Clark
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    Understanding Your Teens Behavior, Part 8

    With Guest Jeramy and Jerusha Clark
  10. Air Date: 09/06/2018
  11. Air Date: 09/04/2018

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The Value of Mentoring Fatherless Boys, Part 2 (Guests John Smithbaker and Scott MacNaughton )

Not every child has the benefit of having both parents around to raise them. John and Danny talk about how different children deal with having an absent parent. Featuring John Smithbaker and Scott MacNaughton.