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Uncovering Your Mom Personality, Part 8

Air Date 11/02/2017

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In a discussion based on her book (un)Natural Mom, Hettie Brittz outlines the four main personality types of moms, unpacks the positive and negative traits of each, and explains how a mom can have a thriving relationship with her children by harmonizing her personality type with theirs.

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Hettie Brittz

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Hettie Brittz graduated as a speech, language and hearing therapist at the University of Pretoria in 1994. She worked in a multi-disciplinary practice alongside a pediatrician, psychologist, occupational therapist and other speech therapists, gaining extensive experience in therapy and parental guidance. Since 2002, Hettie started presenting seminars in churches, schools and corporate surroundings on a variety of topics related to parenting and education. She is the developer of the Evergreen Parenting Course and heads a group of more than 200 facilitators in four countries who use the course to help families. She also does temperament research which lead to the development of Tall Trees Profiles, the first set of locally researched and validated personal and leadership profiles aiming to strengthen relationships through a better understanding of individuals and their interaction with others. Hettie is the author of several books including unNatural Mom, Growing Kids With Character and Growing Kids Through Healthy Authority.