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Focus on the Family Commentary is a 90-second daily feature heard on more than 300 stations throughout the United States. Addressing the marriage and parenting topics listeners care about most, Focus on the Family Commentary offers timeless wisdom in an ever-changing world.

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  2. Air Date: 07/15/2019

    A League of Their Own

    Topic: Life Challenges
  3. Air Date: 07/12/2019

    Rules Alone Won't Work

    Topic: Parenting
  4. Air Date: 07/11/2019

    Guilt vs. Shame (Part 2 of 2)

    Topic: Life Challenges
  5. Air Date: 07/10/2019

    Guilt vs. Shame (Part 1 of 2)

    Topic: Life Challenges
  6. Air Date: 07/09/2019
  7. Air Date: 07/08/2019

    Make Some Pasta

    Topic: Life Challenges
  8. Air Date: 07/05/2019

    One Dream for Another

    Topic: Life Challenges
  9. Air Date: 07/04/2019

    Golden Triangle of Freedom

    Topic: Social Issues
  10. Air Date: 07/03/2019

    Be a First Follower

    Topic: Life Challenges
  11. Air Date: 07/02/2019

    The Forgiveness Antibiotic

    Topic: Marriage Challenges

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To Air 07/17/2019

Turn Like "Easy" Eddie

It's never too late to have a positive influence on your children. Jim Daly shares the story of "Easy" Eddie O'Hare, the lawyer for notorious mobster Al Capone, who discovered it's never too late to turn your parenting around.

  • Forgiveness or Retribution?

    To Air 07/18/2019

  • Simple Kindness

    To Air 07/19/2019

  • Surprises, Sacrifices, and Humility

    To Air 07/22/2019

  • Managing Your Family's Summer Schedule

    To Air 07/23/2019