Intimacy develops over the miles you travel together. Fun memories are a crucial building block that will carry you into the future.

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Jim Daly: Couples spend a lot of time thinking about their future.  But I think it's a good idea to reflect on your past.

Reminiscing is a valuable activity for couples to engage in from time to time.  That's a bond that forms between two people who have shared experiences together.  Your past is more than a collection of random memories.  It represents a journey you and your spouse have taken together that infuses your relationship with richness and meaning. 

That's why reminiscing is especially helpful for those of you who have been married for a long time.  It's healthy to remember the good times you've shared and the difficulties you've faced and overcome together.  It can encourage you to hope for good times ahead and remind you of the troubles you can get through if you stick together.

But reminiscing isn't just an activity for us older folks.  It's for new couples as well.  If you're a newlywed, you obviously don't have many years' worth of shared experiences to reminisce about.  But you do probably have a lot of great memories together from the months or years before you got married.  Reflect on those times, even if they weren't that long ago. 

Intimacy doesn't develop in the newness of a relationship, but over the miles you travel together through life. Fun memories about when you first met, your first date, or other funny or heartwarming stories from your relationship are crucial building blocks that will carry you into the future.

 To help your marriage thrive, visit Focus on the Family dot com.  I'm Jim Daly.

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