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Healthy Manhood in Marriage

Original Air date 05/05/2017

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As they examine the subversion of authentic masculinity in today's culture, Focus on the Family's Jim Daly and Greg Smalley describe how men can strengthen their family by reclaiming their authentic, God-designed roles as husbands and fathers.

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    How Pornography Impacts Marriage

    Pornography — whether used infrequently or as an addiction — is a big deal. And it can have a major impact on a marriage.

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    Responding to Your Husband's Secret: Porn

    When you discover that your husband has been hiding a sexual sin like pornography, it will be difficult to hear — but I encourage you to allow your heart to fully grieve.

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    Marriage - Why It Matters

    Marriage has been the source of a lot of discussion in recent decades, and people have all kinds of opinions about what marriage is (or isn't).

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