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A New Kind of Love

Original Air Date 08/03/2012

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Leslie Vernick talks about the reality of love that sets in during marriage. Listen to the full program here.

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    What Are You Really Fighting About?

    Doug Fields with Jim Burns

    Many couples don't realize that hurt feelings are really awakened fears. Understanding the way relational fear feeds recurring conflict is the key to breaking the cycle of hurtful arguments.

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    Don't Let Your Spouse Make You Angry

    Mike Bechtle

    Marriages never thrive when we expect our spouse to be responsible for fixing our feelings. If we own our emotions, we're free to be co-owners of the relationship. Then we can build something great.

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    A Better Way to Resolve Conflict

    Elicia Horton

    If your approach to conflict resolution is going nowhere, you may need a heart change. Resolving conflict positively isn't as easy as simply deciding to speak gently and humbly. Try these five ideas.

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    The Best Way to Properly Apologize to Your Spouse

    Ted Cunningham

    A thriving marriage requires two spouses who are good at giving apologies that reflect personal responsibility. A great marriage requires a husband and wife who are quick to apologize and forgive.

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Leslie Vernick

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Leslie Vernick is a popular speaker, an author, a licensed clinical social worker and a life coach with a private counseling practice in Pennsylvania. She has over 25 years of experience helping individuals, couples and families heal, rebuild and grow their relationships. Leslie is the author of six books, including Lord, I Just Want to be Happy and The Emotionally Destructive Relationship. She and her husband, Howard, have two grown children. Learn more about Leslie by visiting her website,