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He Can Always Make the Difference

Air Date 04/17/2019

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Walter Hoye speaks to post-abortive women about God's love for them. Listen to the full program here.

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    Counseling Services and Referrals

    Focus on the Family offers one-time complimentary consultation from a Christian perspective.

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    Post-Abortive Recovery Resources

    Are you struggling from the feelings of guilt and pain over a past abortion? Know that you’re not alone, friend. Here at Focus on the Family, our goal is to help individuals and families thrive in Christ—we want to do the same for you.

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    Three Actions You Can Take to Advance a Pro-Life Culture

    We're committed to standing strong as we encourage all Americans to "See Life Clearly." Will you join us?

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    How Science Supports the Pro-Life Position

    Scott Klusendorf

    The science of embryology affirms the humanity of the preborn, and defenders of abortion concede the inhumanity of the procedure. Simply put, support for the pro-life position is strong.

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Walter Hoye

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The Rev. Walter Hoye is a passionate pro-life advocate and an in-demand public speaker who travels around the globe addressing audiences with his powerful and inspirational message defending the sanctity of human life. He is a licensed and ordained Baptist preacher and the founding president of the Issues4life Foundation, an organization that equips Black American leaders to strengthen their stand against abortion. Rev. Hoye also serves in leadership roles in several other pro-life and civil rights organizations. He and his wife have two grown children. Learn more about Rev. Hoye at his website,