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His Presence is Warm

Air Date 07/05/2019

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Ann Voskamp talks about drawing close to God even when He doesn't give the answers we want. Listen to the full program here.

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    The Way of Abundance

    Ann Voskamp

    In 60 vulnerably soulful stories, this devotional dares us to embrace brokenness as a gift that moves us to givenness as a way to draw closer to the heart of God.

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    Counseling Services and Referrals

    Focus on the Family offers one-time complimentary consultation from a Christian perspective.

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  • Featured Article

    Where Is God in the Midst of All My Troubles?

    J. Budziszewski

    Has God forgotten me? Does He hate me? Why does He seem to hide Himself?

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  • Featured Article

    Joy Elusive

    Suzanne Hadley Gosselin

    "I want to walk in God-given joy, but how? As I searched Scripture for the answer, I discovered that joy isn't always found in expected places."

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Ann Voskamp

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Ann Voskamp is the author of several New York Times best-selling books including One Thousand Gifts, which has sold more than a million copies and has been translated into 22 languages, Unwrapping the Greatest Gift, and The Broken Way. She has written articles that have been published in several major publications and was featured in Christianity Today as one of the 50 leading women who are most shaping the culture and church today. Ann and her husband have seven children. Learn more about her at her website,