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    Free Audio Download: "Cherish Your Spouse, Change Your Marriage"

    Focus on the Family

    Author Gary Thomas describes what it means to truly cherish your spouse, offering practical advice to help you build a more satisfying and fulfilling marriage.

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    Focus on Marriage Assessment

    The Focus on the Family Marriage Assessment is designed to evaluate the strength of 12 essential traits of your marriage. Do you know your marriage’s strengths and weaknesses?

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    Free SMART Love Inventory

    David and Jan Stoop

    By signing up for your free SMART Love Inventory, you and your spouse will be able to measure your competency in five key areas based on the principles of Emotional Intelligence (EQ).

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    Understanding Your Feelings to Stay Connected In Your Marriage

    David and Jan Stoop

    We can improve our ability to control our emotions. The skills we develop can make us more aware of what we are feeling, which can help us break the cycles in the way we interact with our spouse.

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David and Jan Stoop

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Dr. David Stoop is a licensed psychologist and family counselor who has been working to strengthen marriages and families for more than 35 years. He is also an ordained minister, an adjunct professor at Fuller Theological Seminary and a co-host for the nationally syndicated radio and TV program New Life Live. David's wife, Jan, is a counselor, author and seminar speaker. They have authored several books together including Smart Love and The Complete Parenting Book. The couple has been married over 50 years, and they have three sons and six grandchildren.