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Kids Don't Divorce

Air Date 04/23/2018

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If you've gone through with a divorce, you may have to put your personal feelings aside to preserve your child's image of their other parent. Listen to the full program here.

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    A Single Dad: Unplugged

    Elsa Kok Colopy

    Read about one man's decision to put his kids first.

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    Center-of-My-Universe Single Parenting

    Robert Beeson

    As a single parent, I orbited around my kids' lives, but that wasn't healthy for me ... or for them

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    Robert Beeson Facebook Interview

    Focus on the Family

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Robert Beeson

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Robert Beeson is a former high level executive in the music industry who helped develop and guide the success of many major Christian artists including Micheal W. Smith, Casting Crowns, Jars of Clay and Third Day. When his wife of 13 years separated from him, he was left to raise his three young daughters on his own. This experience led him to found Solo Parent Society which exists to unify, equip and empower single parents. Robert co-hosts a Solo Parent Society weekly podcast and has authored a book titled Going Solo: Hope and Healing for the Single Mom or Dad. Robert is also the founder and director of iShine, a Christian media group dedicated to ministering to pre-teens and their families. He is now remarried and resides in Tennessee with his daughters and three new stepsons.