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Not Our Forever Home

Air Date 02/19/2018

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Julie Manning describes her struggle with a physical heart condition. Listen to the full program here.

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    Video: Faithful Heart

    Jim Daly

    Julie Manning lives with a chronic heart problem that could result in cardiac arrest at any moment. Watch this video to see how she and her family have learned to deal with her condition – and what God is teaching them in the process.

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    Chronic Illness in Marriage

    Erin Prater

    Nothing quite assists a spouse in understanding his or her role of helpmate like a chronic illness.

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John and Julie Manning

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Julie Manning is a pediatric nurse practitioner and author of My Heart: Every Beat Surrendered to Our Unchanging God. The book chronicles her journey of caring for children with heart disease to learning that she herself has a life-threatening heart condition, and the spiritual triumphs she's experienced along the way. Julie's husband, John, is a graduate of Texas A&M and owns a day-trading company as well as a countertop company named Summit Stoneworks. The couple resides in Texas with their three young sons, Noah, Hunter and Joshua.