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Our Broken, Cracked Families

Air Date 03/06/2018

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Jessie Minassian reflects on why God sometimes places us in challenging circumstances. Listen to the full program here.

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    Inspire Teen Girls With Brio!

    Focus on the Family

    Don't miss the new and improved  Brio Magazine for teen girls from Focus on the Family. This trusted Biblically-based magazine will help your teen girl live out her faith!

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    Wise vs. Foolish Communication

    Jessie Minassian

    Jessie Minassian highlights some principles about teen girl communication based on the wisdom of Proverbs 12.

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    4 Powerful Ways to Love Your Teens and Help Them Like You Back (Maybe)

    Jessie Minassian

    Invest in your relationship, not only to keep you from regret, but to also give your teens a solid footing for their lives ahead

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    Facebook Interview With Jessie Minassian

    Focus on the Family

    Visit our Facebook page to watch an interview with Jessie Minassian in which she explains how parents and teens can be on the same page.

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Jessie Minassian

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Jessie Minassian is a public speaker and the author of several books for teen girls including UnashamedCrushed and Respect. She is the "resident big sis" at a Q&A website for teen girls called Life, Love and God. Jessie and her husband reside in California and have two daughters.