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Possessions Don't Make Us Happy

Air Date 04/10/2017

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A reminder to make relationships more important than possessions.

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    Joshua Becker

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    When Clutter Is an Obstacle to Marital Unity

    Joshua Becker

    It is not uncommon for one spouse to have a propensity toward hanging on to things while the other is quick to get rid of nonessentials. How do you handle that debate in a healthy manner?

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Joshua Becker

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Joshua Becker's writings have inspired countless readers to find more life by owning fewer possessions. Based on his thoughtful and intentional approach to minimalism, he is one of the leading voices in the modern simplicity movement. In addition to being the founder and editor of Becoming Minimalist, a website dedicated to intentional living, Joshua is a Wall Street Journal and USA Today best-selling author of Simplify, The More of Less and Clutterfree With Kids. He has contributed to TIME Magazine, Christianity Today and Forbes Magazine, and has appeared on numerous television programs, including the CBS Evening News. Joshua is also the founder of The Hope Effect, a nonprofit organization changing how the world cares for orphans.