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Praying for the World's Poor

Air Date 09/29/2014

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Most of us will never be a missionary to poor and needy people around the world. But we can still serve them through prayer. Renee Stearns, the wife of World Vision president Richard Stearns, shares some encouragement. Listen to the Full Program here.

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Richard Stearns

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Richard Stearns is the president of the U.S. division of World Vision. He is also a public speaker and the author of several books including Unfinished and He Walks Among Us (the latter co-authored with his wife, Renee). Prior to joining World Vision, Richard enjoyed a successful career in business as the president of two large companies. He and Renee have five children and two grandchildren and reside in Washington.


Renee Stearns

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Renee Stearns is an attorney who formerly practiced in the Boston area, primarily offering her legal services on behalf of the poor. She has co-authored two books with her husband, Richard: He Walks Among Us and God's Love for You. Renee is a public speaker and is active in church ministries and in her community. She and Richard have five children and two grandchildren and reside in Washington.