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Talk About Character

Original Air Date 02/23/2017

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Take your cues from real heroes who are strong of character and noble in their actions. Listen to the full program here.

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    Best of 2017

    Focus on the Family

    Jim Daly and John Fuller are your hosts in a 12-disc collection of the year's most popular programs from the Focus on the Family daily radio broadcast. You'll hear all of the year's best advice on marriage and parenting.

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    Free Audio Download: "Learning From History's Great Men and Women"

    Focus on the Family

    In this interview, Eric Metaxas takes a look at George Washington, Susanna Wesley, Hannah More, Jackie Robinson, Chuck Colson and Mother Teresa.

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    Eric Metaxas Explains How God Uses Ordinary People to Change History

    Jim Daly

    The human spirit is nourished by witnessing men and women who answer the call of God upon their lives and overcome amazing obstacles with unwavering faith.

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    Teaching Kids About God's Big Story

    Michelle Anthony

    Help your kids find their part in God's grand narrative by portraying a fuller picture of who Jesus is.

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