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The Cable Company Marriage

Air Date 09/13/2018

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Dave Willis explains how sometimes marriage can be like the cable company's promises. Listen to the full program here.

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    Focus on Marriage Assessment

    Focus on the Family

    The Focus on the Family Marriage Assessment is designed to evaluate the strength of 12 essential traits of your marriage. Do you know your marriage's strengths and weaknesses?

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    The Thing We Learned About Marriage from the Cable Guy

    Dave Willis with Ashley Willis

    Many marriages operate like a cable company. They give the best of themselves initially, but that royal treatment doesn’t last long. Here's a tip on how to keep from taking your spouse for granted.

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    How to Strengthen Your Marriage Through Doing the Dishes

    Erin Smalley

    Researchers found that it’s important for couples to share the load of doing the dishes. Here’s my takeaway: Women who had a husband who helped with washing dishes were happier in their marriage.

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    How to Appreciate Your Spouse's Unique Personality

    Greg Smalley

    Just as a flavors can spice up a dish, differences improve our marriage. While differences bring variety, they also create challenges. So how can a couple use their differences to strengthen their marriage?

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Dave and Ashley Willis

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Dave and Ashley Willis are bestselling authors and two of the most popular marriage bloggers in the world with more than one hundred million page views on their blogs. They are part of the team at MarriageToday where they create resources, videos, television programs and conferences focused on helping couples build stronger, Christ-centered marriages. Dave and Ashley have four young sons and their family lives near Dallas, Texas. You can find more info about the Willis' books and all of their marriage ministry resources at