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The Confidence to Speak Up

Original Air Date 04/10/2018

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Do what you need to do to protect your kids. Talk openly with your children about protecting their bodies. Listen to the full program here.

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    Counseling Services and Referrals

    Focus on the Family offers one-time complimentary consultation from a Christian perspective.

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    9 Ways to Protect Your Children From Sexual Abuse

    Justin Holcomb

    Justin Holcomb offers parents nine practical suggestions for safeguarding their kids from sexual abuse.

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    Talking to Your Kids About Sexual Abuse

    Jon Holsten

    Teach your children what to do if someone tries to exploit them sexually.

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    Overcoming the Effects of Childhood Sexual Abuse on Marriage

    How can I prevent memories of childhood sexual trauma from having a negative impact on my relationship with my spouse? I was abused a long time ago and though it wasn't easy, I've forgiven the people who violated me. But after twelve years of marriage I still can't enjoy sex with my husband without feeling guilty. Is there any hope for me?

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Justin and Lindsey Holcomb

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Justin Holcomb is a minister and a professor who teaches theology and apologetics at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and Reformed Theological Seminary. He holds a Ph.D. in theology from Emory University and has authored, co-authored or edited more than 10 books. Justin has written several books with his wife, Lindsey, including Is It My Fault? and God Made All of Me. The latter focuses on helping parents protect their children from sexual abuse, a subject Lindsey is especially well-acquainted with as a former case manager at a sexual assault crisis center and a domestic violence shelter. Justin and Lindsey helped co-found REST, an organization dedicated to rescuing and protecting women and girls from the sex trafficking trade. The Holcombs reside in Orlando and have two young children. Learn more about their book God Made All of Me at the website