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The Doorway to God

Air Date 02/19/2019

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Dr. Meg Meeker reminds dads that they are the model of masculinity for their daughters. Listen to the full program here.

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    Inspire Teen Girls With Brio!

    Focus on the Family

    Don't miss the new and improved  Brio Magazine for teen girls from Focus on the Family. This trusted Biblically-based magazine will help your teen girl live out her faith!

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    7 Traits of Effective Parenting Assessment

    Focus on the Family

    Good parents aren't perfect. And that's okay. There's no formula to follow, but there are ways you can grow every day. This assessment gives parents an honest look at their unique strengths, plus some areas that could use a little help.

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    How to Raise Strong and Confident Daughters

    Dr. Meg Meeker

    When your daughter recognizes that you believe in her, she begins to believe in herself, and has confidence to pursue her dreams.

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    Dads Can Be Heroes to Their Kids

    Dr. Meg Meeker

    Dads can take back the role they’ve been given and become a hero to their children.

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Dr. Meg Meeker

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Dr. Meg Meeker is a pediatrician who is widely recognized as one of the country’s leading authorities on parenting, teens and children’s health. With appearances on numerous nationally syndicated radio and TV programs, her popularity as a an expert on key issues confronting families has created a strong following across America. Her work with countless families over the years served as the inspiration behind her best-selling books which include Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters, Strong Mothers, Strong Sons and The Ten Habits of Happy Mothers. "Dr. Meg," as she is popularly known, is the founder of The Strong Parent Project, a unique online learning community to equip and encourage parents. She resides in northern Michigan where she shares a medical practice with her husband, Walter. They have four grown children and four grandchildren. Learn more about Dr. Meg by visiting her website,