Air Date 03/14/2019

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Tim McConnell reminds you to embrace joy as part of your Christian walk. Listen to the full program here.

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    See Life Clearly

    Focus on the Family

    Show your support for the sanctity of life and the protection of the preborn, sign the Declaration for Life, and join us in New York City on May 4th for a special pro-life event called "Alive from New York."

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    The Small Church's Biggest Need, Biggest Blessing, and Biggest Opportunity

    Karl Vaters

    With an average attendance of less than one hundred, the local church has some challenges ahead. Pastor and Author Karl Vaters helps pastors and church leaders think through the needs, blessings, and opportunities the church faces in 2019. 

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    What Is Joy?

    Sheila Seifert

    Try these ideas to help teach your children the true nature of joy

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    Finding Joy in Life

    Best-selling author and life coach Valorie Burton discusses her former struggle with depression and explains how she learned to find joy and happiness in her life.


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Tim McConnell

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Tim McConnell is the lead pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Colorado Springs, Colo., a church founded in 1872 currently reaching over 3,000 members. Serving in ordained ministry since 1999, he has led other churches and ministries in New Jersey, Virginia, and Georgia. He served as a U.S. Army Reserve chaplain, taught theology at the undergraduate and graduate level, and led students in Christian fellowships at the Darden Business School and the Virginia School of Law before moving into pastoral leadership. Tim is the author of Happy Church and Illumination in Basil of Caesarea's Doctrine of the Holy Spirit. He and his wife, Abigail, have four children. Learn more about Tim at his website,