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Discovering God's Grace Behind Bars

Air Date 03/11/2017

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This weekend, Bo Mitchell and his wife, Gari, discuss his involvement in a business scandal that led to him serving 11 months in prison for bank fraud. The couple describes how God used this situation to transform and heal their family.

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    Bo and Gari Mitchell

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Bo and Gari Mitchell

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Dudley "Bo" Mitchell is the chaplain and senior advisor for the Colorado Rockies, and the former chaplain for the Denver Nuggets. He is the co-founder of several organizations including Teammates for Kids, Providence Network, Crosswalk Fellowship and Game Day Memories. Bo's wife, Gari, is Director of Consulting Services for Crosswalk Fellowship. Prior to this, she was a senior consulting associate with Masterplanning Group International, a MOPS mentor and a board member for MOPS International and Valor Christian School. Gari also founded Cherry Hills Christian Schools. Bo and Gari have two married children and four grandchildren.