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Loving Your Spouse in the Midst of Parenthood, and Serving My Country, Loving My Neighbor

Air Date 11/11/2017

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In Part 1 of this weekend's broadcast, Patrick Schwenk and his wife, Ruth, offer help for maintaining a thriving marriage amidst the demands of parenthood in a discussion based on their book, For Better or For Kids: A Vow to Love Your Spouse With Kids in the House.

In Part 2, Pastor John Murphy, a U.S. Army veteran, discusses the struggles he experienced after being severely injured as an infantryman and medically discharged from the military. He describes how God changed his heart toward Muslims, leading him to plant a church that shares God's love with them as well as veterans.

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    Free Audio Download: "Cherish Your Spouse, Change Your Marriage"

    Focus on the Family

    Author Gary Thomas describes what it means to truly cherish your spouse, offering practical advice to help you build a more satisfying and fulfilling marriage.

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    Five Commitments That Matter

    Patrick and Ruth Schwenk

    When you and your spouse are experiencing a difficult season, make these five commitments to help you get through it.

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    Maintaining Your Marriage When You Become Parents

    Gary Chapman

    God ordained marriage and encouraged couples to multiply. So there must be a way to have a healthy marriage and be good parents. Dr. Gary Chapman offers advice to strengthen your marriage after you have children.

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    Time Out for Two

    Ginger Kolbaba

    Instant-family couples aren’t afforded the same luxuries as first-time married couples. They don’t get privacy or generous amounts of uninterrupted time together like pre-kid couples do.

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Patrick and Ruth Schwenk

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Pastor Patrick Schwenk and his wife, Ruth, are the co-founders of The Better Mom (TBM), a contributor website where a community of over 500,000 moms gather every month for learning and sharing life together. Patrick and Ruth are also the co-creators of For the Family, another community-driven website that encourages and equips couples and parents. Patrick and Ruth are the co-authors of For Better or For Kids: A Vow to Love Your Spouse With Kids in the House. Ruth has also co-authored two books with Karen Ehman, Hoodwinked and Pressing Pause. Patrick and Ruth reside in Michigan and have four children.