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Jim Daly

Jim Daly

Jim Daly is an author and broadcaster, president of Focus on the Family and host of the daily broadcast, heard by more than 6.3 million listeners a week and honored as 2012 Program of the Year by the National Religious Broadcasters.

Under his leadership, the ministry has reinvigorated its traditional focus on helping couples build strong marriages and raise healthy, resilient kids. Daly and his wife, Jean, have two sons and are currently parenting two children transitioning from foster care. They live in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

John Fuller

John Fuller

John Fuller is vice president of the Audio division and co-host of the daily "Focus on the Family" radio program. He speaks and writes about family, faith, media and business. John and his wife, Dena, reside in Colorado Springs, Colo., and have six children.

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Aired 09/22/2018

Being God's Light in the World, and Being Faithful to Jesus in the World With Guests Sadie Robertson and Trip Lee

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  2. Air Date: 07/07/2018

    Making Your Marriage Happy Now and Later

    With Guest Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott
  3. Air Date: 06/30/2018

    Rebuilding a Stronger Marriage, and Letting Go of Offenses

    With Guests Chris and Cindy Beall and Brant Hansen
  4. Air Date: 06/23/2018
  5. Air Date: 06/16/2018

    Thriving in Your Role as a Dad, and Seeing the Fruits of a Dad's Faithful Prayers

    With Guests Rob Stennett and David Benham and Jason Benham
  6. Air Date: 06/09/2018

    How Your Birth Order Affects Your Parenting, and Accepting Your Imperfect Life

    With Guests Kevin Leman , Sally Dunn , and Amy Carroll
  7. Air Date: 06/02/2018
  8. Air Date: 05/26/2018

    Making Your Kitchen the Heart of Your New Marriage, and Disciplining Your Kids With Grace

    With Guests Laura Schupp , Erin Smalley , and Karis Kimmel Murray
  9. Air Date: 05/19/2018
  10. Air Date: 05/12/2018

    Harnessing the Power of Word Pictures, and Becoming a Gospel-Driven Mom

    With Guests Greg Smalley , John Trent , and Brooke McGlothlin
  11. Air Date: 05/05/2018

    Thriving as a Single Parent, and From Prodigal to Pastor

    With Guests Robert Beeson and Raul Ries

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To Air 09/29/2018

Creating a No-Regrets Marriage, and Restoring Hope to Your Marriage (Guests Steve and Rhonda Stoppe and Ron and Opal Erickson )

In Part 1 of this weekend's program, Pastor Steve Stoppe and his wife, Rhonda, explain how married couples can cultivate the relationship they've always hoped for by re-framing their expectations, depending on God and remaining committed to one another through the difficult challenges of life.

In Part 2, Ron and Opal Erickson discuss the marital struggles they experienced as the result of an affair, and describe how God repaired their marriage. They also talk about their music ministry and their efforts to help heal troubled marriages as a Hope Restored host couple.