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Teacher of the Year

Air Date 03/25/2017

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This broadcast is over 30 days old and is no longer available to stream. You can purchase this broadcast in the bookstore now.

Guy Doud, recipient of the National Teacher of the Year award, recounts his childhood school experiences and how they helped shape his teaching career and passion for reaching kids.

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    Molder of Dreams

    President Ronald Reagan read this poem to Guy Doud when he received the 1986 National Teacher of the Year for the United States of America award.

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    I'd Rather See a Sermon

    Read the poem by Heinrich Kopka which Guy Doud shares toward the end of this two-day program.

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    Faith at School and Work

    Cheri Fuller

    How should a believer behave at school and work?

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Guy Doud

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As a high school language arts teacher in Brainerd, Minn., Guy Doud received the prestigious National Teacher of the Year award in 1986. Honored at a White House ceremony by President Ronald Reagan, Doud gained national attention and has since become a highly popular motivational speaker. He has also authored several books including the best-selling Molder of Dreams. Guy has four children and resides in Baxter, Minn.

In recent months, Guy has been suffering from several difficult medical problems. Please consider sending him a note of encouragement via his website,