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Women Who Welcomed the Birth of Jesus, and Finding True Joy at Christmas

Air Date 12/23/2017

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In Part 1 of this weekend's program, Liz Curtis Higgs brings a fresh perspective to the Christmas story by focusing on the faith displayed by Mary, the mother of Jesus, and Elizabeth, the mother of John the Baptist.

In Part 2, Phil and Kay Robertson of the hit reality TV show Duck Dynasty share heartwarming and funny holiday stories from their famous family, and their faith in Jesus who is the true reason for the season.

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    Sadie Robertson explains how she has remained true to her Christian values in the midst of the pressures that come with a highly successful career in the public spotlight.

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    Christmas Stories

    Welcome to the Christmas Stories podcast! Delight in fun and heartwarming memories from special guests and Focus on the Family listeners. Hosts, John Fuller, Lisa Anderson, Paul Batura and Diane Ingolia offer tips and ideas for holiday activities the whole family will enjoy. You’ll also find resources to help you go deeper into the true meaning of the season. Join us as we celebrate the most wonderful time of the year.

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Liz Curtis Higgs

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Liz Curtis Higgs is a popular public speaker who has addressed audiences around the world. She is also a best-selling author of more than two dozen books; her nonfiction books include the Bad Girls of the Bible series, and she has written several contemporary and historical novels. Liz and her husband, Bill, reside in Kentucky and have two grown children. Learn more about Liz by visiting her website,


Phil and Kay Robertson

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Phil Robertson, an avid hunter and outdoorsman, is the founder of the highly successful Duck Commander brand of duck-hunting merchandise and the patriarch of the Robertson family who is featured on the very popular A&E reality television show Duck Dynasty. He is also a popular public speaker and the author of two books, and he is currently working on a new internet TV project with CRTV called In the Woods With Phil. Phil's wife, Kay, is a well-respected cook who has co-authored three cookbooks and opened an eatery called Miss Kay's Eats and Sweets with her eldest son, Al. She worked alongside Phil for 30 years to build the family business, and the couple has been married over 55 years. They have four grown sons, more than 15 grandchildren and several great-grandchildren. Learn more about the Robertson family by visiting