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Practical Advice for Expectant Parents

Our guests address the common concerns of moms- and dads-to-be, and explain how a couple can be intentional about their marriage – both during pregnancy and after the birth of their baby.

Mom with head in hands on couch while two children sit back-to-back with arms crossed in front of her


Stop Refereeing Your Preschoolers!

Megan Hill

Being the police, detective, mediator and judge for every squabble poorly equips our children for independence. Instead, we should invest time teaching our children to keep the peace. 

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Mom holding an infant while working on the computer


Post-Birth Career Decisions

These are decisions you make together as a couple. One of the biggest decisions an expectant couple will make is deciding on the working arrangements following the birth of a baby.

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boy coming down a playground slide, headfirst



During the coming months you will have an important window of opportunity to lay foundations that will affect the rest of your preschooler's life.

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Sippy cups, playgroups and lots of energy — welcome to the world of toddlers, where everyday is an adventure!

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First-Time Expectant Parents


First-Time, Expectant Parents

If you and your spouse are expecting your first baby, you will face a lot of challenges. But it will all be worth it.

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