Post-Birth Career Decisions

Mom holding an infant while working on the computer

Some days I miss my job. My old job.

Caring for a baby and a toddler is definitely a job, but I miss getting ready for the day in relative leisure, dressing in a stylish outfit – cute shoes, matching earrings – listening to the radio on the way to work and answering emails from the quiet of my desk.

When my son was born, I was thrilled to leave my job of 10 years and take on my new role as a stay-at-home mom. Kevin and I decided that I would continue to do some writing and editing on the side to supplement our income and provide a creative outlet for me.

All the pictures I had in my mind of staying home with my baby and working as a freelancer were very glamorous. I imagined myself sitting at my desk, sipping coffee and working uninterrupted as my infant son cooed from his bouncy seat. Then, when I'd accomplished a good amount, I'd dress him in one of his adorable little outfits, and we'd join my husband for lunch.

This is not what happened. Oh, staying home with my son was a delight – particularly because I knew without a doubt it was what God had called me to. But it was harder than I expected, with more complications and frustrations than I could have anticipated.

These are decisions you make together as a couple. One of the biggest decisions an expectant couple will make is deciding on the working arrangements following the birth of a baby. This decision will be based on what is best for each individual family and their economic situation.

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