Girl toddler in striped shirt banging on pots and pans


Create a "Yes Zone" for Your Toddler

Kathryn O'Brien

Honor your children’s God-given drive to learn and understand while still training them to obey by balancing the yes /no, can/can’t and don’t touch/please touch decisions in their lives.

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Focus on the Family Commentary


Principles Not Rules

Here's a question: Do you, as a parent, make a lot of rules for your kids? Now, rules are important. But sometimes parents think of them as a foolproof way to corral an unruly child and transform him into a mature young person.

A child is in timeout and rests his face against his knees, as if in shame.


Why Kids Misbehave

Here are three ways parents encourage their kids to misbehave.

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A toddler pouting while sitting in time out


When Children Become Angry

Learn more about the different forms of anger, what they indicate and how a parent can deal with each type.

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A little boy looks sad at the dinner table


Creative Discipline Ideas

Try these discipline ideas from the book <​em>Creative Correction<​/em>!

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This is a close-up of a young lad's face as he looks directly into the camera with a pensive glance.


Approaches to Discipline

Parents develop expectations for their child's behavior based on age. However, there are factors to keep in mind.

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Reuben Hill study grid


Effective Child Discipline

How do you get your children to obey, and what should you do when they won't?

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