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Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

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Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

All the brains in your family will love these resources!

We want to equip you to help your kids connect with God in ways that will work for how they’re individually wired. The more research we do here at Focus on the Family, the more we are convinced that brain health is one of the key factors in raising healthy, resilient kids. When we get enough sleep, when we eat right, when we manage our time effectively, we take care of something that is with us our entire lives…our body! And specifically, our brain!

A podcast series designed to help parents give their children what they’ll need to thrive during this school year.

Time Management

It’s Your Kid Not a Gerbil: Creating a Happier and Less-Stressed Home by Dr. Kevin Leman

Managing Technology’s Impact on Your Kids, Part 1 Part 2 – Daily Broadcast

Overscheduled Kids

The Time of Our Lives – AIO Episode 350

How To Create Routine for Your Family

Our Vice President of Parenting and Youth, Danny Huerta, join us to offer up some advice about creating routine as a family. He includes ideas on how to create space for time as a family as well as incite on how to get your kids to do their homework and chores.

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

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