Journey to the Manger

Most of us know them well. They've been with us since our earliest Christmas memories. And even today, the characters of the Nativity linger in the backdrop of our holiday festivities.

The characters of Christmas

In fact, the angels, shepherds, and wise men have become so familiar, so comfortable, that we may be tempted to dismiss them as little more than holiday ornaments. But these characters and the many others surrounding the Nativity story, have much to teach us. If we pause for a closer look, they point us to the manger and help us see the birth of Christ with fresh eyes.

That's why this Advent calendar was created — to examine these characters. As the Advent season unfolds, this calendar will help you lead your family on a faith-filled journey to the manger.

This calendar

Journey to the Manger was offered as a free download in 2014. In 2015, it was made into a product that includes the following:

  • Advent poster
  • 26 Bible character stickers
  • 25 faith activities 
  • 25 daily Scripture readings and devotions
  • Kids puzzles
  • Parents' guide

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