Parents' Guide to Video Games

The vast majority of people who play games do so with friends and family. Almost 60 percent of frequent game players play with friends, 33 percent play with siblings and about one-quarter play with their spouse and/or parents. This trend will only increase.

The content of greatest concern is graphic in nature. Hand-to-hand combat, shoot 'em up and blood-and-guts are just inappropriate for children and desensitize them to violence.

Regardless of the content, parents need to make an effort to educate themselves about video games so they can model appropriate choices for their children and protect them from the possible ill effects.

In this series, you'll find out:

  • What makes game play addictive and the physical effects it can cause.
  • If there any real benefits to playing video games or if it's all detrimental.
  • How to choose family-friendly games and what types are available.
  • How to tell if your child is becoming addicted to video games.
  • What safeguards you can take to control the way the games are used once they’re in your home.