Your WIN for day #6:

Take time to pray with your kids

It takes intentionality. It could be in the morning before work, in the car, before dinner, before bed, etc.

Reading a verse first can shape and guide your prayer time. The Psalms are a great place to start. 

Ask your kids who they want to pray for, what they need prayer for, things they are thankful for, things they are anxious about, etc.

Pray with the gospel embedded into your conversation with God. Thank Him for what Jesus did on the cross for us, and for the hope that Christ’s death and resurrection gives those who believe.

If this is new for your family, keep it brief at first. And don’t be discouraged if it feels like your kids aren’t interested. It’s a powerful habit for your family, but it may take some time to grow in this area.

Often, spiritual conversations will occur following prayer, so be keen to listen to your kids questions or concerns, and follow up after you pray.

Wrap up your time with truth for your kids to take away. For example, tell your kids that (if they’ve trusted in Christ), you’re not only their dad, but their brother/sister, children of God together!

Key Takeaway

Dads, you have the awesome responsibility of laying a spiritual foundation in your kids' lives.

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