Sssh... I Need Quiet!

Woman relaxing with her eyes closed

I remember those seemingly endless "diaper days." The ones that began and ended in a blur of noise and activity as I kept my children fed, safe and clean. By 8 a.m., I was already looking forward to naptime, when I could have some much-needed time for myself.

Yet when naptime finally arrived, I rarely gave myself permission to rest. The laundry, dusty tabletops and dirty bathrooms screamed for my attention.

In Come to the Quiet, author Denise George encourages women to seek solitude and time with the Lord every day, because noise and busyness are the greatest enemies of our souls. Women expend a great amount of energy caring for their families, and we need time to be replenished and refreshed.

With so many women complaining of fatigue, why do we choose to be exhausted rather than allow God to refresh us? In our society, George says, women are often judged, admired and celebrated according to what they are able to accomplish.

"Christian women are 'do-ers,' and we feel guilty if we stop and rest," she says. "We have many responsibilities as single women, wives and mothers. But if we look at Jesus' own work/rest example, we find that Jesus kept a balanced life. He spent time with people yet often trekked to the wilderness to enjoy solitude in His prayer time. He worked, yet rested when He was tired."

Sometimes we don't realize just how exhausted we've become, or how many days have passed since we've spent time with God. Ask yourself the following questions to determine if you're overdue for quiet time:

  • Are you spread so thin you feel tired all the time?
  • How often do you make time to play?
  • Do you have difficulty relaxing?
  • Does your mind race a lot?
  • Do you "need" to have the television or radio on for background noise?
  • Do you spend meaningful time with God each day?
  • Do little things stress you out and set you off?
  • Do you have a difficult time saying no?
  • When was the last time you stopped to enjoy a cup of tea or a sunset?
  • Do you feel responsible for everything but also guilty if you stop to rest?

If you're like millions of women who feel physically and emotionally exhausted as well as spiritually depleted, there is hope. Jesus wants an intimate relationship with you and promises to carry your burdens so you'll feel recharged and ready to face each new day.

When we take a break from our daily chores to spend time with Him, we're able to accomplish more, not less. I invite you to turn off the noise, drop everything for a little while and simply be with Him. Jesus is waiting to hold you, soothe your frazzled nerves and talk to you like a close friend.