Superwoman Doesn't Exist

I want to go back to the main reason many women don't delegate enough: impossibly high standards. You may be able to do a particular task better than anyone else in your company. You may be able to manage the house better than your husband ever could. You can probably fold laundry straighter than the kids, and you likely can clean your house the way you like it better than any housekeeper.

But Superwoman does not exist. When you try to impersonate her, you aren't fooling anyone. Don't shoot yourself in the foot by expecting everyone to do things to some impossibly high standard. Accept the help you can get, and be grateful for it. Once you learn to relax a little bit, you'll be glad you did.

Questions to Ask Yourself

  • In what ways might perfectionism be keeping you from delegating tasks to your children? How about guilt?
  • List the top three things you could delegate to members of your family. Will you need to train them? Set a date and time to show them how to do each task.
  • Are there things at work you could delegate, thereby reducing your stress level? List them along with the people you might delegate to.
  • Think about your attitude toward your husband. Is there resentment because you feel your workloads are uneven? Set aside a time to ask him what tasks he thinks he's good at or enjoys doing.
Excerpted from Moms on the Job by Sabrina O'Malone, a Focus on the Family book published by Tyndale House Publishers. Copyright © 2006, Sabrina O'Malone. All rights reserved.