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A parents guide to 13 reasons why

Season 2 of the Netflix series, “13 Reasons Why,” graphically dredges up all the disturbing, dark issues of the first season, plus a few more.

At Focus, our attention to the series is in no way an endorsement of it. But the reality is, the show has become a cultural phenomenon. Kids are binge watching it. People are discussing it. And, unfortunately, troubled, impulsive teens are replicating on-screen behaviors.

The show’s producers say they created the program to spur conversations. But those conversations need parental intervention. Whether or not your kids have watched, these resources will help equip you for sensitive conversations.

Podcast Episode 1: Overview

When Netflix released their program “13 Reasons Why”, it became a mega-hit with teens almost immediately. It was a frank, realistic portrayal of the dark and frightening issues our kids are dealing with. In this first episode of the A Parent’s Guide to 13 Reasons podcast series, three mental health professionals will provide and overview of the topics that are graphically depicted in the show. They’ll also address the positive and negative effects this series has had on our nation’s youth.

13 reasons why
Girl getting bullied by peers

Episode 2: Bullying

“13 Reasons Why” has gained a lot of traction among young viewers. And it’s opening up conversations to dig into more sensitive topics with our teens. The show’s main character was bullied by her classmates, which resulted in disastrous circumstances. On today’s episode, we address bullying, the impact it can have on your teen, and ways you can help him or her deal with it.

Episode 3: Self-Injury

The Netflix program “13 Reasons Why” is very popular among teen viewers. While that’s concerning, it does have an upside. The series is allowing us as parents to delve into more delicate topics with our teens and pre-teens. One of those topics is self-injury. It’s reported that 1 in 5 females and 1 in 7 males will engage in this harmful practice. Today’s episode explores the dark world of self-injury—what it is and why kids are doing it. We also want to equip you to look for warning signs and provide ways you can help your kids learn to better manage their emotions.

13 reasons why

Episode 4: Sexting

In this podcast series, we’ve been talking about some poignant topics related to the popular Netflix program, “13 Reasons Why”. Today’s episode addresses the issue of sexting. You’ve probably heard that term, but we’ll dig a little deeper into what it is, its prevalence, its ramifications, and how you can help your teen avoid it.

Episode 5: Rape

When Netflix released their program, “13 Reasons Why”, it became a mega-hit with teens almost immediately. The series is a frank, realistic portrayal of the dark and frightening issues our kids are dealing with, one of which is rape. Believe it or not, rape and sexual assault affect our kids. In fact, 25% of high school girls—that’s 1 in 4—have been abused physically or sexually. And that number might actually be higher, as many cases go unreported. And victims aren’t just girls. Boys experience this, too. Today, we’re giving you some tools to help your kids reduce the risk of becoming a sexual assault victim.

suicide grief

Episode 6: Suicide

This is the last in our podcast series about season one of the Netflix hit, “13 Reasons Why”. We’ve covered the most difficult topics addressed in season one, including bullying, self-harm and sexting. They all lead up to today’s subject—suicide. In the show, the culmination of events led the main character to this drastic outcome. But there are ways to prevent it. Today, we’ll give you some tools and resources to offer hope.

download for parents

Parent's Guide to 13 Reasons Why Download

The topics depicted in “13 Reasons Why”—bullying, self-injury, sexting, rape and suicide—are all around adolescents. This free download will equip you to have conversations with your kids about what they’re seeing around them, or perhaps what they’re going through themselves.

How to Develop Media Discernment in Your Home

Whether or not your kids watch the series, “13 Reasons Why”, you’ll want to be prepared to talk about the series and the troubling messages it portrays.

media in home
binge watching

Put Down That Remote! Binge-Watching Can Be Bad For You

“13 Reasons Why”, one of television’s most controversial, and most binge-watched, shows, has returned to Netflix with Season 2. Some viewers will watch the second season in one sitting or binge the first season to catch up. But outside the show’s difficult content, bingeing itself can be bad. We’ll unpack why.

plugged-in parenting

Plugged-In Parenting comes at a time when parents find themselves between a rock and a hard place.

book no more bullies

In this powerful book, Frank Peretti shares his deeply personal story of growing up different, and the persecution he suffered because of it.

book - cutting

Cutting is a practice that has crossed age and gender lines.

recovery after rape

In Beyond Our Control, Leila Rae Sommerfeld shares her own story of recovery after rape.

Additional resources can be found at the Focus on the Family online store.