Back to School


Carpool. Homework. Bedtime! The first day of school is just around the corner.

Focus on the Family has the information and advice you need to create a positive learning environment and help your children reach their full potential.


  • Is Your Child Ready for Kindergarten?
    Does your child have the first-day jitters? Help them grow into a capable and confident learner.
  • School Transitions
    From kindergarten to college, school transitions are important milestones. We've got some ideas to make the transitions easier, for both parents and kids.
  • Back to the Books
    The lazy days of summer are over. Ease into your new routine with these helpful tips.

Homework Help

  • Managing Your Child's Learning Styles [runtime: 25:00]
    Dr. Bill Maier interviews educational expert Carol Barnier regarding which learning style may best suit your child.
  • End the Homework Battle
    Homework doesn't have to be a battleground. Learn timeless techniques to get kids motivated to tackle their assignments.
  • Parents' Role in Homework
    What can parents do to help their children take ownership of school responsibilities?
  • Monitoring Homework
    A parent's job is to monitor homework, support their child, answer questions and help only when needed.
  • Homework and Learning Styles [runtime: 0:59]
    Author and speaker Cynthia Tobias says allowing your child to prove what works can save you a lot of headaches.



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