Recognizing Your Son’s Need for Respect Video Series

Recognizing Your Son’s Need for Respect Video Series

Raising boys is not easy. And as a mom, you desire to see your son grow into a healthy, loving, and kind man.

We want to help you guide your son in this direction. To do this, you must first recognize that when you show your son respect, rather than shaming and badgering him, you can have a significant impact on how he thinks and acts.

When you sign up to receive the free five-part video series called “Recognizing Your Son’s Need for Respect”, featuring best-selling relationship expert Dr. Emerson Eggerichs, you will get actionable steps and biblical insight on how to guide your son as he becomes a mature individual.

Here’s what one mom had to say about this video series:
“This year we’ve had quite a struggle with our teen son. In my desperation, I asked Jesus for help, and He reminded me about Focus on the Family. I come across your video series. At first it was difficult to think about giving unconditional respect regardless of whether his actions were respectable. But I put the advice into practice, offering respect when it was not deserved, but given just because he is our son. I believe it saved our relationship!”  – Miriam, Virginia

After signing up, you will receive the first video immediately in your inbox. You will then receive the next video in the series approximately every two days. Each short episode will address a different topic and will encourage you and open your eyes to a little-talked-about aspect of raising boys.

Here are the topics for each episode:

  • Video 1 – “The Love and Respect Principle”
  • Video 2 – “How Does Respect Change Your Son?”
  • Video 3 – “Moving Beyond Yelling, Tears, and Regret”
  • Video 4 – “Learning the Vocabulary of Respect”
  • Video 5 – “Words and the Power of Unconditional Respect”

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