Watching Out for Your Teen

Mother hugging teen daughter

M ichelle told us, “I want Ashley to know that the things she and I talk about are the same things I discuss with God.”

Each month for nearly 10 years, I gathered for prayer with my friends Kim and Michelle. We often shared similar concerns before praying for our children. But when Michelle’s daughter, Ashley, turned 13, our list expanded. In addition to praying about protection, health and developing personalities and talents, Michelle introduced issues concerning Ashley’s increased level of independence, new peer group and a heightened self-awareness.

We encouraged Michelle to give Ashley a tangible reminder of her prayers:

Commemorative calendar

Write your daily prayers for your teen on a calendar. Then personalize it with your teen’s photograph. Teens will see how their parents have prayed for them during the past year.

Spiritual bouquet

Use silk flowers and write a different topic of prayer on the first petal of each flower, such as intimacy with God, honoring parents, educational excellence, respecting authority, health, godly self-image, sexual purity, wise decisions, godly friends and role models, rejecting rebellion, a biblical worldview, discipline, financial wisdom and accountability. Then as you pray specific prayers that relate to these general topics, write those prayers on the other petals of that flower. Each birthday, give teens a bouquet as a visual confirmation of your prayers.

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